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AI: Hi Mary, my name is Julie, I see you're interested in 1001 Main street?  When are you looking to move?

Lease homes quickly to the most qualified applicants

Prospect: I need to move in by January 15

AI: Here is the link to set up a showing -

Prospect: Great - does this house accept pets? responding immediately with Julie, our Artificial Intellegence leasing solution

AI: Yes, there is a $250 pet fee for approved pets. 

Prospect: What do I need to apply?

AI: The easiest and fastest way is to apply online. A completed application, verifiable income and application fee must be provided for each tenant over the age of 18. All application fees are non-refundable

AI: The application fee is $50 per applicant over the age of 18. The fee is non-refundable. Here is the application link:

iPhone in Hand

How many leads are you missing because you can't always answer 'real time'?

Man Smiling

Julie is real time responsive to your inbound leasing leads

Showing Ai has prioprietary technology that is serving residential property managers across the country
Keyboard and Mouse

Julie does phone, text, and scheduling

Julie responds to online requests from Zillow, Craigslist, your own website, and more.  She immediately texts the prospect and engages them in a conversation to drive a showing.  

Julie answers the phone, and conducts an intellegent conversation on the phone, and follows up by text to drive a showing.  

...and Julie integrates with your existing showing software or Google calendar for your leasing agents, or you can use Julie's own scheduling software, all included.  

3 Easy Steps to Start

Schedule a call

Let's learn if this is the solution you've been waiting for


We'll get all the links set, and make it easy

Start getting leads

With immediate response to your prospects, you'll be amazed how many showings you get

Blue Smoke

For $2/unit monthly, you will get real time response to your online leads and phone calls, by Julie

Julie works with your existing self-showing software, Google calendar, or you can use Julie's own scheduling software

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