Maintenance Coordination - Totally Automated

Your tenant puts in their request through your portal (Appfolio, Propertyware, Buildium), or they call, just like they do now - no other software for your tenant to learn. 

Your tenant receives an immediate text acknowledging their work order, and in most cases, a link to troubleshooting their particular issue - 


 "Have you checked the GFI", "Have you tried to crank the disposal - here is a video link on how to do that", etc.  

Once the tenant acknowledges they still need help after troubleshooting, now your business rules come into play - you can:

- Let Julie, Showing A.i.'s automated assistant, dispatch the appropriate vendor automatically, real-time, with no intervention needed unless Julie identifies something unusual she wants to bring to your attention​.

- Or you choose to self-dispatch the issue once troubleshooting is done, and you can dispatch on your phone with one selection to the vendor you choose to send out.  


Online Scheduling

Once a vendor is assigned, they receive a PDF work order, just like they'd get from your existing software...

...And, they receive a scheduling link to schedule automatically with the tenant if they choose.  The tenant simply receives a text verifying a time they submitted earlier, or they can select a time the vendor proposed - all with just one text back.  

Text back "1" for tomorrow at 2:00pm

or "2" for Friday at noon

Congratulations - you are all set for Friday at noon - see you then!





And live agents handle your after hour emergencies...

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100% US agents will handle after hour emergency phone calls, so you can have peace of mind those emergencies are handled and confirmed by a maintenance coordinator. 



Founded in the property management industry, and by the founder of EZ Repair Hotline LLC, Showing A.i. provides solutions that work to take automation to the next level, while also providing that human touch when needed.  This unique combination of tech and US based labor is how we are different. 


Showing A.i. aims to be the most trusted provider of technology and call center services to the property management industry.  


Showing A.i. is able to provide unique, 'ahead of the curve', technology solutions, focused on AI, to the property management industry.  Our AI assistant, Julie, is able to intelligently 'read' data from various sources, so she works with multiple platforms and listing sites.  




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